XML Radio Example

Note: Please note that, the above XML Radio Example is a Flash(TM) program created by Grant Hinkson. I keep the program in its original code following the reference from Michael Morrison in Teach Your Self XML in 24 hours, Hour 4 page 83. WE WILL CONTACT Grant Hinkson to ask his permission to use this Flashâ„¢ code for the time we celebrate the grand opening of Viet Music World (VMWorld.) This page is not being used for any commercial advertisements. Please reference Grant Hinkson's business at his Web site http://www.granthinkson.com http://www.granthinkson.com/about/

Thank you

Hoang Hoa

Chief editor of Saigonfilms.com


Dear Mr. Hinkson:
I am Hoang Hoa, chief editor of Web site www.saigonfilms.com. I would like to ask your permission to use the code of your Catalist Radio Flash(TM) file GH_radio_class_based.swf  to illustrate temporarily 100 Vietnamese songs to celebrate the grand opening of a future Web site about Viet music. I have your Flash(TM) file through learning XML via Mr. Michael Morrison's book and download it from his Web Site http://michaelmorrison.com
I believe that GH_radio_class_based.swf is a good file for audio programs on the Internet and also very good in combining it with XML files to create wonderful illustration of songs; however, right now I just want to ask your permission to use it to broadcast the Vietnamese songs as a warmup start without any commercials or ads.
Please visit my Web site www.saigonfilms.com
Viet Music Collection http://saigonfilms.com/musicworld/radio.html
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank you,
Hoang Hoa
Editor in chief of www.saigonfilms.com and www.newsforce1.com